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Content marketer

Who Is She

Marvellous is a freelance writer, content analyst and strategist.

She helps businesses and professionals promote their brands products and services through words.

Why She Writes

Being a content writer and strategist has allowed her to along her several passions: health&wellness, writing, marketing, personal development, customer experience with her career.

She is an amazing storyteller and with a love for learning, she is constantly adding to her portfolio to tell even better stories to build trust and loyalty for her clients.

How She Works

Marvellous is an experienced and certified content marketer and blogger.

She puts this knowledge and skill to work for her clients. She loves to research, analyze, plan and execute but she also loves to create content.

She can work within an existing content marketing strategy or she can help clients develop and maintain a content schedule.

Being a solo operation, Marvellous doesn’t offer any social media managing services for now. However, she helps clients organize their social media marketing strategy.

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